Samsung Note 8 Classic Black Leather Case


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Black HandL for Samsung Note 8 in Genuine Leather

HandL presents their finest case ever. Now with improved finger comfort and high quality leather. HandL is much more than a case. It is an organic interface between hand and phone which makes using your phone  so much more comfortable and convenient. HandL’s Samsung Note 8 case features a unique flexible elastic/brace system that allows the user to support their phone with just one or two fingers, giving the thumb greater range of motion across the screen.  HandL essentially allows you to wear your phone, thus alleviating the stress or gripping your device and the worries of dropping it. Users will immediately feel the relief – HandL makes your phone seem like it is floating in your hand.

Made from quality materials, HandL’s leather look is clean, professional and sturdy.  The flexible brace slips on in a split second with only one hand and fully retracts when not in use.



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