HandL New York Plated Collection

HandL now offers an entirely new way to upgrade your phone style – interchangeable brace plates. Use you creativity and match your mood or outfit with a simple change of the brace. Change from crystal to leather or mother of pearl to palladium in just a few seconds.

The Plates Collection are named and inspired by places in New York City and in many cases take cues from artist, painter and creator of HandL, Allen Hirsh’s experience painting New York. Some plates are visual references to streets or images of traffic and the flow of people.

HandL New York offers new brace plate collections based on some of the most famous New York locations: Central Park, TriBeCa, Westside Highway, Nolita, Madison Avenue, Bronx Zoo, Park Avenue, Midtown, Rockefeller Plaza, Broadway and Coney Island. These plates are designed by the artist and produced with the highest quality craftsmanship.

Five of these plate collections are is embellished with crystals from Swarovski®: Park Avenue, Midtown, Broadway, Rock Plaza, and Coney Island.

The new plates come in a variety of colors and patterns to match your own unique style and match your mood, clothing or occasion. Because of their interchangeability, you can now have a new look on your phone every minute of the day.

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The Collections

Central Park


West Side Highway



Madison Avenue

Bronx Zoo

Wild Elegance
Wild Elegance


Stripes and Scales
Stripes and Scales


Plated Collection Adorned With Crystals From Swarovski

HandL offers six special plates featuring New York locations created with Swarovski Crystals: Park Avenue, Midtown, Broadway, Rock Plaza, and Coney Island.

These plates are designed by Mr. Hirsch and produced with the highest quality of craftsmanship.

“As a painter, I have tried to put my artistry and painting knowledge into these plates. I used the elegance, color and light reflecting qualities of Swarovski crystals to create little paintings of light that you can wear on your phone or fingers.”

Park Avenue


Rock Plaza



Coney Island