HandL New York features a full line of Smartphone Cases to fit every style.  From our Classic cases that started it all, to the Maximus, one of the most natural feeling cases available anywhere today, to our new Interchangeable line (coming soon), HandL makes your smartphone a natural extension of your body.

How Does It Work?



The patented elastic and brace system that allows you to hold your device with just one or two fingers, freeing up your other hand and relieving the stress and discomfort of gripping.   It feels like the phone is floating in your hand.

You can now use your smartphone more securely, in any situation, without the tight grip that causes hand and wrist tension.

HandL case gives you the freedom to use the same hand you are using to hold your case for other functions like typing, writing, holding a book, and picking up small objects.

The HandL case also converts into a hands-free portrait/landscape stand so you can easily watch videos or video chat with friends with ease.

It's truly a unique design.

Classic Collection

Classic Leather

The HandL Classic Leather case is the case that started it all and is our most popular case design. Currently available in Back and Brown, HandL Classic Leather Cases feature a timeless, classy design that compliments your Apple or Android phone. HandL Classic Leather cases are available for the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and earlier iPhone models, along with the Samsung Note 8. Additional colors and phone models will be available soon.

Comfort Maximus

As part of Allen Hirsch's life-long desire to create paintings and sculptures that provoke thoughts and feelings about relationships, the artist has created the Maximus that is sure to set the comfort standard for all mobile devices in the future.

Hirsch believes the human buttocks offers the most ergonomic and comfortable form to hold for the hand and he has adapted this to the back of the HandL case. The artist has spent almost a year researching materials and manufacturing techniques to accurately replicate this part of the body. “It is not sexual,” Hirsch says, “but provides the most pleasurable experience to the hand. I want to humanize our phones and bring back our awareness of touch."

Wild Ones - Coming Soon

The new Classic Wild Ones collection allow you to express your unique style with a phone case that perfectly matches your personality.  The Wild Ones Collection feature all natural leather cases in a variety of colors and styles.  The Wild Ones Collection are coming soon.

Plates Collection - Coming January 2018

HandL now offers an entirely new way to upgrade your phone style - interchangeable brace plates. Use you creativity and match your mood or outfit with a simple change of the brace. Change from crystal to leather or mother of pearl to palladium in just a few seconds.

The Plates Collection are named and inspired by places in New York City and in many cases take cues from artist, painter and creator of HandL, Allen Hirsh's experience painting New York. Some plates are visual references to streets or images of traffic and the flow of people.

HandL New York offers six new brace plate collections based on New York locations : Broadway, Uptown, Coney Island, Park Avenue, Rock Plaza, and Midtown. These plates are designed by the artist and produced with the highest quality craftsmanship.  Many of the plates in the new Plates collection feature Swarovski crystal and come in a variety of colors and patterns to match your own unique style and match your mood, clothing or occasion. 

Because of their interchangeability, you can now have a new look on your phone every minute of the day.