About HandL New York Smartphone Cases

The line of HandL smartphone interfaces feature patented elastic and brace system that allows you to hold your device with just one or two fingers. It feels like the phone is floating in your hand. You can now use your smartphone more securely, in any situation, without the tight grip that causes hand and wrist tension. HandL interfaces free one hand for multitasking. It also gives you more flexibility to take longer range selfies and smoother panning videos. The HandL grip eliminates any fears of dropping your smartphone.  The HandL interface also converts into a hands-free portrait/landscape stand.

Each new HandL case gives you the freedom to use the same hand you are using to hold your case for other functions like typing, writing, holding a book, and picking up small objects.  It's truly a unique design.

No other smartphone case on the market can compare in progressive functionality and stunning design.

The Story of HandL’s Development


HandL is the result of an artist’s careful study of hand movement and touch sensitivity and the desire to connect technology to our bodies in an organic way. Allen Hirsch drew inspiration both from using his brush while painting pictures as well as from his beloved companion, Benjamin the Monkey. “The paintbrush is a harmonious interface between hand and canvas. It moves fluidly with our hands and follows our intentions and movements closely. Our phones are essentially our canvases where we express our feelings and thoughts and I wanted HandL to be like a paintbrush for everyone using their phone.” Hirsch was also inspired by the way Benjamin grasped and molded his body around things organically and wanted HandL to offer the widest range of movement, comfort and flexibility for the hand.


In 2013, Hirsch set out to develop an interface between hand and phone, creating hundreds of sketches and prototypes – and from these, the HandL Smartphone Case was born.

The Creator

HandL was conceived and developed by a prolific and well-known artist, Allen Hirsch, who has spent his life studying hand movement and touch.  Hirsch's artwork has appeared for years on the covers of Time Magazine, in New York Magazine and The New York Times.

His inaugural portrait of President Bill Clinton hung in the National Portrait Gallery and the White House in Washington DC.

Hirsch's latest project, HandL, comes from years of holding a paintbrush and palette knife.  He believes you should be able to hold your smartphone the same way an artist holds a paintbrush, allowing the most flexible, seamless and organic connection between hand and phone.

Hirsch spent part of the last 20 years painting in jungle huts in Venezuela, creating works that recall Dutch 17th century imagery. That’s where he developed new techniques such as string painting and continued his explorations of brain lateralization projected through the hands in art and on the face. It is these interests in natural living, science and the way we touch things that lead to the development of HandL.

Whether expressing the depth of a face or the reinventing the way we hold our phones, Hirsch’s passion is bringing beauty, art and meaning into everything we do.

For more information on Allen Hirsch, please visit AllenHirsch.com.